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​We stand with Ukraine for peace, sovereignty, and freedom!!!! 

NO to Russian neo-fascism!



We are a reputable Global Import-Export Operator with over 20 years of industry expertise. 

Since 2004, we have successfully delivered 5000 MT of home textiles, including terry towels, bedding, fleece covers, and more, from India, Pakistan, and China to various esteemed Ukrainian distributors such as , and others. Unfortunately, the current disruption caused by Russian aggression has temporarily halted our operations in Ukraine. Nevertheless, we remain fully committed to providing our exceptional services to clients worldwide

Since 2000, we have proudly served as the authorized distributor of in Ukraine. Additionally, we have facilitated occasional exports to the United States, supplying goods from different parts of the world.

Our dedicated team operates as a family unit, offering comprehensive export-import services that encompass every aspect of the process. From identifying the right products, sourcing, overseeing production, and ensuring quality control to packaging, logistics, and meticulous documentation adhering to local customs requirements, we are committed to facilitating a seamless customs clearance procedure for our valued clients.

We welcome you to take advantage of our highly efficient and cost-effective services. With our streamlined operations and minimal expenses, we are able to offer competitive pricing to our clients. Our longstanding practice of handling various aspects of the job in-house ensures that we maintain control over the entire process, allowing us to optimize efficiency and keep costs down. You can trust us to deliver excellent results while providing exceptional value for your investment.